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Address: Shanghai Museum, No. 201 Renmin Avenue, Shanghai, China, 200003
Tel.: (021) 63723500-132, or hot-line (021) 96968686
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Aids & Facilities
Audio Tour: The museum provides visitors with advanced digital audio tour on its permanent collection in eight different languages. Devices are available for rent at information desks.

Service to Group

Multimedia Guide

Versatile Academic Auditorium

High-definition Graphics Hall

Tea House: In a space of 320 square meters on the second floor of the museum, the tea house is artistically decorated in the classical Chinese architectural style. Featured the archaic gray-blue brick floor, the tea house is also distinguished for its Qing style openwork wooden windows and Ming style rosewood tables and stools. Visitors can enjoy themselves with the Chinese tea and refreshments there.


Art Store: The Shanghai Museum art store sells reproductions of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting, calligraphy, jade, wood carving, lacquer ware and specially designed souvenirs as well as books and catalogues of Chinese art and history. Services of money exchange, delivery, customs declaration and insurance are also available for customers.

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