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Admission Fee
Getting There
By bus No.574,No.71, No.123,No.46, No.123,TUNNEL BUS NO.6 No.934,SUBWAY NO.1 No.145,SUBWAY NO.2
Regulations on Free Admission:

Free admission from 10th March 2008.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00 all year round (limited quota for visitor reception).

The maximum of visitors is 5000 per day (including 1500 reserved visitors) to assure order in the galleries and safety of the exhibits.

Free admission tickets are available on the visiting day in turn. ID cards or certificates may be required in certain circumstances.
Visitors over (and of) seventy and the handicapped have priority for entry.
Friends of Shanghai Museum have priority for entry if membership certificates are presented.
Group visitors can make reservation by phone (021-63723500-132) two weeks in advance(within reservation quota) and have priority for entry after checked by the staff on the visiting day.

Special exhibitions need admission fee: 20 Yuan.
Policies for students, visitors over (and of) seventy, the handicapped, soldiers in service, retired carders and members of Friends of Shanghai Museum are still valid.

Audio guide devices of Chinese and foreign languages shall be rented.

Student cards for one year, three months and one month can be refunded according to the valid period at the Public Service Department.

Visitors are expected to observe the followings:
> Please be appropriately dressed
> No merchandising or advertisement distribution inside the museum
> No pets into the museum
> Children under 1.2m, the aged and infirm visitors shall be accompanied by relatives
> Free luggage checking in the cloakroom
> No food or beverage in the galleries
> No smoking or flame inside the building
> No touches on the exhibits
> No loud voice in the galleries
> The museum will publicize in advance the notice of temporary closing for special events or necessary maintenance of facilities.

Contact information
Address: Shanghai Museum, No. 201 Renmin Avenue, Shanghai, China, 200003
Tel.: (021) 63725300-132, or hot-line (021) 96968686
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