Da Ke Ding (bronze food vessel)

Date: King Xiao’s reign of the Western Zhou dynasty (late 10th century BCE)
Dimensions: Height 93.1 cm, Diameter of mouth 75.6 cm
Weight: 201.5 kg
Material: Bronze
Excavated at Ren Village, Famen Temple, Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province in the middle of Guangxu reign period
Donated by Ms. Pan Dayu


Da Ke Ding was excavated in cellar of Famen Temple, Fufeng County, Shaanxi province in Guangxu reign period. There were some smaller Dings and chimes unearthed with it. It is the master treasure of the Shanghai Museum collection, also a widely cited and world-famous national treasure. With its majestic and stately shape, smooth and grand decoration, this Ding perfectly integrates the pictorial and sculptural art of that time. The traditional patterns and designs from the early Zhou changed completely and Da Ke Ding witnessed the transitional moment. 
There is a long inscription of 28 lines of 290 characters inside the vessel whose content can be divided into two. The first is a eulogy from the Shanfu (an official position, similar to royal chef) Ke to his grandfather, Shi Hua Fu who assisted Zhou. The second records the rewards Ke received from the King Xiao of Zhou since he took his office. The inscriptions are in large, simple and regulated characters with powerful strokes and well-proportioned layout.

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