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For better visiting experience, please read the guidelines before reservation.
The Museum has not authorized any online platforms, organizations, or individuals to sell tickets or reserve entry other than the Museum's official channels. To protect your rights and interests and avoid frauds or disclosing your personal information, please make a reservation through the official website, Wechat official account or the official Wechat mini-app.
  • Due to the installation of Shanghai Museum East, the galleries open at Shanghai Museum on People's Square now include Chinese Calligraphy Gallery, Chinese Painting Gallery, Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery, Chinese Minor Nationalities' Art Gallery.
  • Shanghai Museum on People's Square opens from Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00 - 17:00 (latest entry at 16:00), closed on Mondays.
  • Entry on workdays (Tuesday to Friday) does not require a reservation. During peak times including weekends, national holidays, January, February, July, August, and certain special exhibitions, reservations are still required. During the exhibition “Who is Leonardo Da Vinci?”, all museum visitors should make reservations.
  • Individual visitors can book the visits 7 days (including the current day) in advance through the official Wechat account (clicking GO-上博-参观预约) or the official mini-app 上海博物馆参观预约 on Wechat. Each reservation can be made for up to 5 persons. One ID can be used only once a day. If you cannot make your visit, please cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior to your entry time. All canceled entries will be released on the booking system. We recommend visitors waiting on-site for entry check the reservation platforms from time to time. If you have missed your reservations twice without canceling, you will not be able to book within 30 days after the second missed reservation.
  • For group visits (of and over 20 visitors), please book 7-14 days in advance during the peak days by calling the Museum at 021-63723500-(132).
  • At peak times there may be large queues in the exhibition halls and crowd control will be taken to optimize your experience. Visitors who are not able to use smart devices or cannot make reservations online are advised to book entry at the Museum's ticket office if spare tickets are available.
  • Seniors 65 years and older, visitors with disabilities, and healthcare workers can have priority check-in when entering the Museum with a valid ID or certificate (not for special exhibitions).
  • We invite you to enjoy drinks, snacks and delicacies in our restaurant on 1F and tearoom on 2F. Do not eat or drink inside the galleries, hallways, the Main Hall, or shops.
  • We recommend visitors to reserve 2 hours for the visit and to avoid crowds inside the Museum. Entry restrictions may be taken for crowd control when necessary.
  • Any individuals or organizations organizing guided tours need to register for approval in advance.
  • If there is any question, please contact the museum at 021-63723500-(132).
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