The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns


Date:2015-07-04 ~ 2015-10-10
Venue:No. 1 Exhibition Hall

       The main concept of the exhibition The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns is to show the collection of arms of Russian sovereigns of 17 – 18 centuries, the best and the most precious examples from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, Russia.
    The exhibition features a selection of over 120 artworks and finest specimens of ceremonial arms, suit of armour and horse harness, Grand Attire, military regalia and memorial items of Russian sovereigns. Besides, a group of historical and ceremonial portraits of Russian monarchs is an essential part of the exposition. The artworks include armoury craftsmanship by the best masters and artists of Russia, Western European countries and the Orient, were made to compose the exhibition.
    The exhibition is composed of two main sections which explore the Tsars’ armoury treasury in the 17th century and the weapons collected by Russian emperors in the 18th century. The first section explores the development of the Armoury and its integration and innovation of various artistic styles and traditions. The second section is arranged in the periods of monarchs’ rule with regard to the portraits, costumes, swords, firearms, horse harness and military orders of: EMPEROR PETER THE GREAT, EMPEROR PETER II, EMPRESS ANNA IOANOVNA, EMPRESS ELIZAVETA PETROVNA, EMPEROR PETER III and EMPRESS CATHERINE II.
    Magnificent arms will appear before exhibition guests as an integral part of Russian court environment, while the wealth of armoury collections – as the mark of concern and pride of Russian monarchs.