Selected Treasures of Early Chinese Civilization


Date:2017-01-23 ~ 2017-03-26
Venue:No. 2 Exhibition Hall

       The exhibition Selected Treasures of Early Chinese Civilization is organized around five themes as writing, forms of government, daily life, beliefs and funerary cult, with an aim to launch an exploratory journey to early China from a longer, wider and deeper perspective.
   The so-called ‘early China’ generally refers to the cultural community, in a relative sense, formed in most part of China before the end of the Han dynasty. At this stage, the system of ancient Chinese civilization with diversified cultures integrated had its significant influence on the subsequent historical course.
   With Chinese primitive characters making ideas visible and history traceable, Chinese ancestors were heading for the civilized times hereafter. And the ever-changing forms of government synchronized with the transforming styles of ordinary people’s daily life. Before the Buddhism introduced, China had already established its own system of beliefs which was based on people’s veneration of nature and their ancestors. And with the ancient concept of ‘honoring the dead as the living’ epitomizing the funerary cults of the time, we are able to probe into the living condition of ancestors through their rich burial objects.
   In the display, the Chinese ancient oracle bones, bronzes, jade artifacts, potteries, lacquerware and architectural models are organized around the above-mentioned five themes to shed light on the story of early Chinese civilization from prehistoric era down through the Han dynasty. Visitors are expected to discover more enlightenment by exploring the origin and evolvement of Chinese civilization from a fresh perspective.