The Wanderers: Masterpieces from the State Tretyakov Gallery


Date:2017-12-15 ~ 2018-03-04
Venue:No.2 Exhibition Hall

       After the exhibitions Star of the North: Catherine the Great and the Golden Age of Russian Empire, World of Fabergé and The Armoury Treasury of the Russian Sovereigns, the Shanghai Museum continues to cooperate with Russian top museum on the new exhibition The Wanderers: Masterpieces from the State Tretyakov Gallery to celebrate the historical significance and artistic achievements of the Wanderers.
   Paintings in this exhibition are, without exception, remarkable masterpieces from the State Tretyakov Gallery. As one of the most foremost art institutions in Russia, the Gallery was named after its founder Mr. Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov. It boasts the most comprehensive and important collection of the Wanderers’ artworks, which entitled the Gallery as ‘home of the Wanderers’.
   The Wanderers, as a group of liberal artists in protest to the official academy, united the fairly talented, ardent and democratic artists of the second half of the 19th century in Russia. With their touring exhibitions popularized in Russian cities and countryside, the Wanderers gradually grew into one of the biggest and most important artists’ groups in the history of Russian art. In order to highlight the critical, ideological and populist natures of the Wanderers’ art, this exhibition illustrates the group’s concerns over national destiny and the life of the masses by virtue of genre paintings, portraitures, landscapes and history paintings. The genre paintings take a leading role in the exhibition, with their aims either to expose the problems in reality or to praise the commendable social phenomena. Based on the divided types of paintings, this exhibition follows the timeline to give a visual account of the Wanderers’ origin till their new orientations at later stage. Besides, a parallel comparison is made between the Wanderers and the Academy in terms of their artistic themes and techniques, with a view to highlight the social function and innovative consciousness of the former.
   China and Russia have kept their bilateral traditional friendship for long. With the deepening of ‘The Belt and Road Initiatives’ strategic partnership in recent years, the two countries become more closely-tied and active in humanistic exchanges and communications. We hope that this exhibition, as a model project of Sino-Russia cultural exchange, can help the visitors to get better understanding of the Wanderers’ glory in art history.