The Reopening of the Ethnic Minorities Arts and Crafts Gallery at the Shanghai Museum


Date:2019-09-24 ~ 2020-03-22
Venue:The Kadoorie Gallery of Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art, 4F

       China is a great multi-ethnic country with a long history. Its splendid civilization comes from the integration of and contributions from all the 56 ethnic groups. The other 55 than the Hans feature a variety of cultural attributes that are highly noticeable in their distinct humanistic and ecological environments, ways of production and living, and local customs and traditions.
   To present the cultural richness of the 55 ethnic groups, the Shanghai Museum will host the exhibition, “A Riot of Blossoms in Shanghai: New Insights into the Arts and Crafts of the Ethnic Minorities in China” at the Kadoorie Gallery of Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art, beginning from 23rd September 2019. On top of regular exhibits, more artworks will be arranged and displayed in six sections, including clothing; dyed, weaved, and embroidered works; metal works; engravings and carvings; lacquerware and rattan bamboo crafts; and mask arts. Besides, a large case and board will be set at the entrance to the Gallery, displaying a set of original seals with the album of The Chinese Nation: A Collection of Seal Impressions as a good addition to the exhibition.
   The exhibition aims to demonstrate the artistic achievements of the 55 Chinese ethnic minorities, to offer a vivid picture of how these peoples live, work and think, and to introduce to the visitors from home and abroad the diversified ethnic cultures based on material creativity and the gorgeous spiritual worlds therein.