Admission Information:

Shanghai Museum is free and open to the public all year round (except Monday).
Opening hours: 9:00~17:00 (last entry at 16:00)
Visitor flow control: 8000 persons per day
We request your kindest attention to entering the museum from the South Gate that faces the Wusheng Road, and exiting from the North Gate that faces the Shanghai Municipal Government.
1. Group Reservation:
Tel: 021-63723500 ext. 132
Reservation time: 9:00~16:00
Any group of over 20 people can make a reservation two weeks in advance with a letter of
introduction from a relevant organization. Availability is limited.
2. Online Reservation (for groups only)
Online Reservation System for Contracted Travel Agencies

Regulations on Free Admission

According to the Notice of Free Admission to Museums and Memorials in China issued by CPC Propaganda
Department, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the following
regulations are designed to regulate the free admission of the public to the Shanghai Museum:

i. Visitors are required to take a security check before entering the museum.
ii. To maintain good order, the following persons may have priority to take the security check and enter through
the green passage by presenting his or her valid certificate.

  1. People of 70 or above, retired cadres, soldiers on service, families of revolutionary martyrs, disabled people.
  2. Members of ‘Friends of Shanghai Museum’, membership card required.
  3. Groups of visitors that have made reservations two weeks in advance by telephone (as far as it is accessible)
, have priority to enter the museum with the approval of the staff on duty.

iii. The rental of audio guide equipment is subject to the paid service regulations.

iv. The Shanghai Museum reserves the rights to charge for some special temporary exhibitions.

v. For the security of exhibits, Shanghai Museum requires visitors to observe the following regulations:

  1. Visitors shall be appropriately dressed.
  2. No distribution of merchandise or advertising material to be made inside the museum.
  3. No pets allowed in the museum.
  4. Children under 1.3m, and aged and infirm visitors shall be accompanied by parents or relatives.
  5. Large luggage shall be left in the cloakroom (without charge).
  6. No food or beverage in the galleries.
  7. No smoking or flame inside the building.
  8. No touching of the exhibits.
  9. No loud voices or noises in the galleries.
  10. No mentally unstable people are allowed inside the museum (mildly sick patients must be accompanied by
  11. No painting or writing tools except for pencils.
  12. No drunken people allowed in the museum.
  13. No photography tripods or huge or medium sized professional DV devices allowed in the museum.

vi. The museum may post notices of temporary closing in case of special events or essential maintenance work.

Photography Notes:

Photography is allowed in permanent and temporary exhibitions in our museum. Please do not use
flashlight and tripods, and pay attention to the safety of your own property, others and the
exhibits while you take photos.
Photography in temporary exhibitions is subject to the copyright agreement on such exhibition. If
photography is not allowed, this will be clearly indicated at the entrance to or inside the exhibition