Service Facilities

1. Barrier-free services: special driveways and elevators for the disabled.
2. Intelligent terminals: multimedia touch-screen guide systems in the hall on the 1st floor and
3. Audio guide: available at the audio tour rent desk in the hall on the 1st floor.
4. Strollers and wheelchairs: cloakroom at southern entrance.

Service Items

Guide Services:

Volunteer Service:

Volunteers are available to offer free guide and help at 10:00 a.m. and at 14:00 p.m. every day. Please pay
attention to the banner at the Central Service Desk for details.

Audio Tour:

Advanced digital audio tours on museum’s permanent collection are available in Chinese, English, French,
Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish and Italian.
Audio Tour in Chinese
Adult version: RMB 20 yuan/set, with deposit of RMB 300 yuan;
Children’s version: RMB 10 yuan/set, with deposit of RMB 300 yuan.
Audio Tour in Foreign Languages
Rental: RMB 40 yuan/set, with deposit of RMB 400 yuan or USD 50 dollars, or passport.

Audio tours for special exhibitions are rented separately.

Cloakrooms (one at southern entrance, the other at northern entrance)

1. Coats, hats and large luggage may be left in cloakrooms. (Please carry all valuables with you
except computers.)
2. Visitors must take the security check before leaving their articles in cloakrooms with security
check ticket presented.
3. Wheelchairs and strollers may be used free of charge by presenting valid certificate (identity card
or others) and paying a deposit of RMB 300 yuan. In the absence of valid identity certificate, please
pay a deposit of RMB 600 yuan (only available in the cloakroom at southern entrance).
4. Needles, threads and medical cabinets are available.
5. Lost & Found service (only available in the cloakroom at southern entrance).

Consultation Service

Central Service Desk

Located at the center of the west side of hall on 1st floor
Service items: Consultative Service, provision of free materials containing guide and activity information, Hearing
Complaints and Suggestions, Providing ‘Commemoration Stamp of Shanghai Museum’ Stamping Service, etc.

Ticket Desk at Southern Entrance

Located at the entrance of southern gate
Service items: Consultative Service, Audio Guide Equipment Rental and Various IC Cards for Sale

Telephone: 021-63724550

Restaurants & Tea House

Visitor Restaurant

Located at the side of Xizang Road outside southern entrance, offering Chinese fast food.

Shanghai Museum Restaurant

Located at the inner side of southern entrance of Shanghai Museum, offering simple Chinese and western meals.

Tea House

Located in You Yun Xuan on the 2nd floor, offering Chinese tea, coffee, juice, bottled beverages and dim sum.